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Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Shop My Stash: The Lush Edit

Being the Lush fiend that I am, I thought it was about time I dug through my stash of bath and shower products to come up with a few cocktails for the bath. I've been pretty stressed and tired the last few months and it seems a waste to have products sitting around not getting used - also, it justifies the two Lush trips I've had in the last few weekends (oops...). I didn't include any skin care or hair care in this - purely bath and body products. Out of the bits I rummaged through I think I have a few winning recipes for the next few weekends worth of baths. 


Combination number one: The Honey and Chocolate One. 
Who doesn't enjoy a bit of sweetness? I certainly do and the smell of the honey and rhassoul mud in this bath bomb is heavenly. It's meant to be a very cleansing bath bomb which will be lovely after a long week. This, followed by a really thorough massage of my legs with the Soft Coeur massage bar on my legs and shoulders will compliment the honey bath bomb nicely and Charity Pot is a delightlfully chocolatey cream that sinks in and makes your skin really glow.

Combination number two: The Uplifting One. 
Sometimes I prefer something a little more reviving and I think the Olive Branch and its olive oil and mandarin scent will do that nicely. To make sure my picky skin doesn't get too upset in the heat of the bath I'll take Ceridwens Cauldron for a test drive - the oats and lavender sound like a dream combination for problematic skin. Finally, Karma Kream often gets me compliments in the office on its tropical and refreshing notes of pine and orange and again, it's wonderful on dry skin (particularly legs!).

Combination number three: The Comforting one. 
One of my favourite smells in the world is vanilla. It's a sweet, edible and comforting smell and I always feel "myself" when I have a perfume on with strong vanilla notes. Sadly I don't have a soap to go with this one however I think coconut Frank would be a nice accompaniment. Butterball bath bomb was my first ever Lush product and is a very special one to me. It's a plain little cream ball but it's filled with cocoa butter and smells like what dreams are made of. Following this up with Sympathy for the Skin and it's banana and cocoa goodness and a dusting of Vanilla Puff to take away any stickiness before bed is sure to be a winner. 

Any favourite products I need to add to my collection?

Claire x


  1. These are great - really like the combos you put together, can't even decide which one I like the most!

    1. Thanks! Have already enjoyed the Honey combo - Comforting Vanilla is next...!


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