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Thursday, 16 October 2014

Fake Tan Routine

My fake tan routine is pretty simple - as yet it's still fairly cool in New Zealand but my arms are out more than they were a few months ago and it's nice to start integrating bronzed skin back into my beauty regimen.

Really I think you only need three products for a good tan - personally I prefer instant but gradual tan as it's easier to clean up and not so obvious if it goes wrong.

To start off with, always scrub everywhere you're going to be tanning. This takes off any patchy skin - your skin cells naturally renew every 28 days so you want them all to be as fresh as possible so when your tan wears off, it does so naturally. I love coconut Frank the best for this - it's hydrating on your skin so leaves some moisture on you for the tan to cling to and leaves you amazingly smooth.

Shaving your legs after you've scrubbed is always a good idea - I find shaving after a tan tends to strip the tan off faster as it also takes that top layer of skin off as well. This way you'll have perfectly smooth and hydrated skin all prepped for your tan.

When it comes to actually applying the tan I like to put a bit of something waxy or creamy on my hands first - this stops the tan from staining your hands quite as much and makes it easier to wash off. No one wants super brown palms and a golden glow everywhere else.

Then I get a blob of tan - I currently love the Trilogy Instant Bronzing Gel, it's not too sticky on the skin, doesn't have a heavy smell and dries very quickly. This means it doesn't transfer to your sheets/clothes/people you're hugging (hah). Working quickly and using long sweeping motions up your limbs then buffing in once you have an even coverage is often the best way to go and helps avoid one very dark patch from where tan starts to set before you've blended it out.

To maintain your tan a body lotion is a must - in summer I apply night and day. During the evening something heavier is nice as your skin really has a chance to absorb it when you sleep - something like Charity Pot helps cover the tan smell and really helps to lock that tan in. The better condition your skin cells are, the longer they'll hold your tan.

Do you have any favourite tan products I should try?

Claire x

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