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Sunday, 6 September 2015

Where Did I Go?

I've been putting off writing this post mostly because the longer I do the more there is to write. I've been in London for around three and a half months now, I've never been busier in my life I always have somewhere to be and as much as I love having so much to do I've been frantic with work and letting myself get a bit run down.

This week I've decided to make some serious cutbacks in drinking after work, I've started yoga again and have been sleeping my weekend away to try and get those hours back up after too many nights working and being out.

I can't express how different my life is now to 4 months ago. It feels like longer but in other ways it's gone so fast. I've met so many lovely people and two of them in particular have helped more than I could have imagined in terms of supporting me and helping me get set up. I'm going to do my best to get back to posting once a week because I do love having this blog as a creative outlet. Even if it's just a personal post about trips I've made it'll give me something to work on. Aside from that there are a lot of wonderful new products I love to bits that I want to write about. All the mad weeks I've had have taken their toll on my skin recently so I'm doing my best to go back to basics with my skincare.

In the mean time I'm going to go make the most of a sunny Sunday afternoon and will crack on with new posts for you soon.

Claire x

Tuesday, 7 July 2015

A Short Note of Absence

For any of you lovely people who have continued to check in on me despite my few weeks of absence I feel I owe you an explanation.

As I'm sure you're aware, six weeks ago now I moved to London. The last few weeks have been less about touristy stuff and travel and more about a my-money-is-running-out induced frenzy of trying to find a job and flat to live in for the long term. Thankfully I've found both of those, in the last week I've started a new job which so far I really love and moved into a beautiful house with some really lovely people.

While this has all worked out better than I could have possibly hoped it's been a very stressful few weeks and I've had little spare time to gather my thoughts at all let alone blog. I have a bunch of new products to talk about, more travel and lifetime posts planned and in the works, they just might take a little while to make into what I really want. I've never been about churning out content I wasn't happy with and I don't want to start that now. So once my life is a little more under control and I've had a little more sleep I'll be back into it on a normal schedule.

So to anyone who has kept reading, thank you. I shall be with you shortly.

Claire x

Friday, 19 June 2015

Travel Makeup Kit

When I was heading to Paris I wanted to pick makeup that would be versatile, fresh looking but also minimal as well. These products were perfect for that, creating a nice base the would travel well (because all up I did a hell of a lot of walking and training across that 24 hour period...)

For my base I of course went with my much loved Nars Tinted Moisturiser (I have to blend two shades together at the moment because my skin is being an awkward shade). Then I'd brighten the eye area with a little of my Nars creamy concealer. I love this combination because the concealer adds a lot of coverage and makes you look more put together while the tinted moisturiser is quite light coverage so you don't feel cakey or heavy at all.

To add a bit of depth I just brought my bronzer and brushed it over my cheekbones more generally as I didn't bring and blush this time. It also brings some warmth back so you don't look too "flat."

To finish off my skin I just swipe a bit of Watts Up on the tops of my cheekbones and down the bridge of my nose, this makes you look lovely and fresh. If I'm feeling oily or it's a hot day outside I also set with MAC Careblend powder for longevity.

For the eyes I groom my brows with brow gel and while that dries I apply mascara and liner (this Nara liner really lasts all day, main reason it's so great for travel) and then fill in my brows with my trusty brow wiz. A little side note, this mascara is probably the 6th tube I've bought, I've never found anything better for volume and separating the lashes so well. It's the Maybelline Colossal Volume Express mascara.

Other great thing is this whole deal only takes a maximum of ten minutes to complete so you're out the door and making the most of your trip.

Any products you can't go away without?

Claire x

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Paris Shopping - Huygens

During my trip to Paris I traipsed all through the streets with Google maps in front of my face looking for Huygens. I'd heard of them through a few bloggers who had gone there with Birch Box and knew it was one of the places I wanted to visit while I was there. The products are all natural with a large organic component to them as well. The best part is you can customise any products with whichever scent you like. 

The lovely guys in store showed me around, introduced me to the fragrances and after much deliberation I decided on the Ylang #1 fragrance for a candle and shower gel. It's a gorgeous fragrance that's sort of a cross between orange blossom and jasmine. Huygens describes it as "addictive white flowers, leathery and vibrant." I'm absolutely in love with the scent, it's a pleasant change from my usual fruity or vanilla/sweet products. It's quite a sexy smell but relaxing and lovely before bed as well. I've found it to be a very gentle shower gel to use even when my eczema is flaring too because it's such a mild formulation.

As for the other two products, they're skincare items and both have a rose base. The Cleansing Milk is a lovely product, similar to my much loved to 5 from Lush. It leaves a soft, hydrated feeling on the skin and does a great job of removing any left over makeup (I've been using it as the second step in my double cleanse).

The last product is a toner of sorts but really feeds your skin, it's lovely after Bikram yoga because the rose scented mist is really refreshing but is amazingly hydrating considering it doesn't contain any oil. I love using it before my serum every night while I'm fresh out of the shower and my pores are nice and open. It's a very soothing formula and helps prepare your skin to absorb the next product in your skin care regime.

I'm loving these products so far - next I'd love to try the dry oil next - the hardest part is deciding which essential oil blend to go for.

Would you try any of these?

Claire x

Saturday, 13 June 2015

Paris Photo Diary

Due to a bit of a hiccup with my visa I had to leave the country and come back into the UK to activate it. Which meant a trip to Paris was on the cards (what a pity). Aside from the language barrier it was a pretty relaxing trip, I went on the Eurostar, if you're going to go I highly recommend train over plane, much more space and far more comfortable.

Like the dick head I am I left my book behind (thanks to Book Depository I have another one on the way) but other than that the trip went without a hitch. The weather was gorgeous and the food was outstanding. On my full day there I got two pain au chocolat  (which I'd been looking forward to with much anticipation) and a filled baguette for €5.75.

Le robinet d'or

Canal st-martin

Canal st-martin

One of the places I really wanted to see was Huygens, I'd seen some Youtubers and bloggers go there with Birch Box a few months ago and the products looked gorgeous. It's a natural skin care brand all made in France, the shop smelled amazing and the staff there were lovely. I'll post more on what I bought in a separate post.

Canal st-martin

Gare du nord

This was a little rose garden in the middle of Paris I found, I stopped for a break from walking and lunch here. I walked through the city rather than catching the Metro, seeing as it won't be the only time I go to Paris I didn't go to all the big attractions. I'll save them for another day when it's not so frantic over summer.

Gare du nord

Gare du nord

As  much as I enjoyed Paris I was happy to be back in London. More Paris and travel posts to come soon.

Claire x

Thursday, 4 June 2015

Things I've Learnt About Travel

I've been in London nearly two weeks now but there's so many new things to get used to here. These are just a few thoughts and observations - expect a lot more.

  • There's never going to be a perfect time to go - you just need to make the decision that it's what you want a s what you should be doing.
  • People are what make a place - as amazing as it is to see the monuments and tourist attractions the things I always remember about holidays and places are the people.
  • It will take more than two weeks to sort your life out in a new country (much to my dismay).
  • You need a lot more money than you think you do, and probably less clothes.
  • On that note, laundry takes a really long time to dry in London, and even when it is dry it's still that sort-of-a-bit-damp feel.
  • Jet lag is the second worst physical feeling in the world, second only to a hangover. I went over fourty hours without sleep and slept for 10 the first night. Instantly accustomed to the time zone - fun tip for you there.
  • 10 cent coin from New Zealand look exactly like 1p coins in the UK and it's surprisingly frustrating,  
  • There's quite a good chance you will get sick in some way when you arrive, planes ready are bug ridden things.
  • You'll find the most mundane things amazing - like ice cream vending machines!
  • There will definitely be days you wondered why you left home and what the hell you're doing here (wherever "here" is).
  • Those days pass. Some days you'll just be walking around absolutely amazed at where you are.
I'll be back with a new post soon - sorting things in London is just about a full time job at the moment. 

Claire x


Wednesday, 27 May 2015

What's In My Cabin Bag

nip and fab, dragons blood, lush 9 to 5

I'd been planning my in-flight skin care for weeks, can you tell I was quite excited? I'd not been on a long haul flight in five years now and the last time I came out looking and feeling rather haggard. Keen to counteract that this time and keep my immune system up to scratch I've picked products that can easily be used on the go, will keep my skin hydrated, clean and some tablets for immunity to keep those airplane bugs at bay. Although I can unfortunately say I definitely am suffering a cabin cold my skin is doing just fine. Every plane and stop over needs it's entertainment and some bits to make you feel a bit more fresh (and human for that matter).

For on the Plane
I mentioned the Nip+Fab products recently in this post and have been using them religiously ever since. The pads are a great, quick way to cleanse and hydrate while the serum creates a barrier between your skin and the air.

For the Stopover
I find washing my face and brushing my teeth make me feel more like myself after a long haul flight. My much loved 9 to 5, Very Gentle moisturiser and Kiwi Seed Eye Cream are always lovely at a quick pick me up.

Other Bits
As mentioned I do love being able to brush my teeth during transit - I loved having Lush toothy tabs as I didn't need another heavy tube (adding more liquid to my already full ziploc bag). Chewing gum is great for after meals if you want to freshen up but don't want to use the airplane bathrooms (which I really didn't). A book is always necessary anyway but especially on a trip this long, I'd been saving Gone Girl for weeks and am loving it. Finally I recommend some hand sanitiser to keep hands fresh after meals, touching all those baggage trolleys and doors.

I'll have some more London related posts soon I hope - currently in the grips of a horrible cold caught on the flight but expect to hear more soon.

Claire x
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