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Sunday, 26 October 2014

Weekend Post: Labour Weekend

This week has been absolutely killer, I'm so exhausted at the moment. Yesterday I had some problems that needed to be sorted before I went out so my Saturday plans got a little bit ruined. So to make myself feel better I've just played with my makeup all day and thought I'd share the result with you guys. I used the Naked 3 palette - if you want to see a review I did on this palette you can find it here.

Chronic resting bitch-face (no one chooses to sit next to me on public transport I'll tell ya that for nothing) but I love this makeup look - it's very much a "going out" look for me but I like to practice these first because the stress of trying a new look the night I go out freaks me the hell out. I haven't got any lip colour here but I think I'd just pair it with a nude like my MAC Myth lipstick.

I'm wearing the xobeauty lashes in The Flirt - they're demi lashes and are just the cutest little things - I'm not amazing with application but because these are only half lashes they're super easy to apply and look really natural. Wavy beach hair from yesterday is still sort of there as well.

Now I'm just sitting here blogging, drafting posts for the next few weeks - I have a plan from now until Christmas so I have my work cut out for me...! In the mean time - have my weekly nail - OPI Hot and Spicy with a glitter one I bought last weekend and can't remember the name of right now.

Hope your weekends have/are more eventful than mine...!

Claire x

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