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Sunday, 19 October 2014

Weekend Post: Oops, Shopping Again

Honestly, it's not really my fault. I went out last weekend and Lush and Kikki K didn't have everything I wanted, and I had a free Sunday so what else? I drove to the bus station and bussed into the city - saving myself petrol and parking fees so I did well really.

After yesterdays ghastly weather today was surprisingly beautiful. It was cold in the morning but warmed up really nicely later on to the extent I just about stripped down to my singlet on the way back to the bus. Enjoyed listening to some 60s music (thank you, Boat That Rocked sound track) on the drive home with the sun beating down on the car - was bloody lovely.

I went to Lush and Kikki K - one for some interior stuff I wanted to peek and and some potential stationary for next year. I ended up getting the lovely little faceted vase I'd spied on their website. If you haven't heard of them they're a Swedish brand who do lovely stuff both stationary wise and home wise - it's very Scandinavian in design but still fairly understated so can fit into any room regardless of style. I also got some cute little diamond post-its - at work I get through so many of these so I think incorporating them into my home life will be a good idea (and who can resist the cute shape?!).

To be fair I did get the face mark for free - I took 5 black pots back to Lush. The new products I bought smell heavenly - I've been meaning to try Honey Bee bath bomb for years for a start. The Hot Toddy shower gel is like a mix between Ginger Beer and Big Red gum. 9 to 5 is a staple for me - sadly they were out of stock of the larger bottles. Reindeer Rock soap smells absolutely mouth-watering, like black currants - it's beautiful to look at with little reindeer carved into the soap with gold glitter on top. I'm not a huge soap person but this one was a keeper. Santas lip scrub I admit I've already tested - it tastes like Cherry Cola and it's absolutely delicious.

I was quite hungry by this stage so made myself some water with tangelo juice, and some toast with Marmite, avocado and capsicum jam on. (If you like marmite trust me on the avocado thing - try it, it's delicious). Followed this up with a couple of kiwifruit - I love fruit and these are pretty cheap while they're in season.

Now I'm frantically trying to get enough photos taken to draft up more posts for this week - I'm in serious need of a holiday and thankfully for me, next weekend is a long weekend. This week I've got a Shop My Stash post planned (again - Lush related) and an in depth review of the Naked 3 palette.

Next weekend will involve a lot of relaxation and a nice bath. More on that later this week.

Claire x

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