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Wednesday, 24 September 2014

The Writing Process

I'm still pretty new to Blogger but I did start a beauty blog over on Tumblr over a year ago now. I think my "writing technique" and drafting/planning process has changed somewhat so I thought I'd write down a few things that help me find inspiration, expand ideas and actually get pen to paper...well...fingers to keyboard. You get me.

1) Read other blogs. This is the most common sense place to get inspiration, I don't mean copy other peoples ideas post for post but personally I love seeing how people write, things they include when reviewing a product (e.g. texture, what skin type it suits etc.) that I find particularly useful or relevant. Aside from that I think reading inspires writing. Some of my favourites are HelloOctober and TheLoveCatsInc..

2) Look at magazines/media. There's always plenty of inspiration for new makeup looks, products to try and new trends. Whether it gives me an idea of how to use a product I already have or find something new to try or even a new kind of beauty treatment/way to style an old classic I get plenty of ideas this way.

3) Keep a little notebook. I bought a set of three from the Wildlife Photography exhibition in August and ever since I've had the little mouse notebook in my handbag. If an idea strikes me at work, at home, whatever, I reach out and write it down along with any relevant notes which I find really important, if I'm too vague my brain can't remember why the hell I thought that was a giid thing to write about and it can get abandoned. Examples of extra notes would be what products to include, any particular comments to make, things like that. I find it helps keep me motivated and looking over old ideas often leads to the evolution of new ones.

4) Play with your makeup. Every now and then I "decorate" my face with makeup in ways I haven't tried before and it helps me to create a new look, or reminds me of how much I like a product. If I find there's something I'd like to try and do but don't have the product for it I look into what I can use instead/if I need to plan a shopping trip. Alternatively sometimes I'll find a new way to use/apply something that I feel is worth sharing. Often just being around new trends in Newmarket or purchasing a product gives me a new lease on my collection and gets me going with new plans.

5) Get creative. Listening to music, painting my nails and taking lots of photos of products/editing them and even just getting outside often leads to ideas. Trying a new kind of post is always good, I started doing a weekend post pretty quickly after I started and it gives me an outlet to just write what I feel like writing so the "beauty" part of my blog doesn't get stale.

The main things I've found is if I get an idea is to just start, once I've pressed that "New Post" button and written the title the rest sort of takes care of itself.

Claire x

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