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Thursday, 11 September 2014

Shellac - Yay or Nay?

So, last last weekend I made a post about how I went and got my nails done (if you're interested you can find the post here. Not sure why this didn't post on it's scheduled time (grr!) so I'm posting now...! Weekend post soon to follow. 

So I thought I'd write a little summary/review of my Shellac experience. it is quite an investment to get done and rather a faff to get removed so I thought I'd weight the pros and cons for those unsure about whether to adventure into this UV light and paint filled world.

 One day after painting - natural light
One day after painting - artificial light. 

How long did it last? I got it done on Saturday the 30th, and removed it on the 9th which was a total wear of eleven days. It was starting to peel a little bit around the edges and my self control can only hold for so long and peeling shellac is very bad for your nails. They were also starting to grow out a little - nothing noticeable unless you looked really hard but because I'm super picky about my nails it was getting to me...!

How to remove it? I didn't want to pay to have it removed as 25 bucks to have nail polish taken off seems a little steep for me. I purchased some acetone from the pharmacy for $6.99 and did it at home. It was pretty awkward and took a while to get right. Essentially I'd soak a bit of cotton wool in the acetone, put it on the nail and wrap the nail in tin foil. You need to let it soak like that for a few minutes and then scrape the shellac off with an orange stick. It was very messy and acetone is incredibly drying on your hands, especially if you have dermatitis like I do.

How does it affect your nails? My nails were fairly good after, however I had scraped one of them a little too hard and peeled the top layer of nail off which isn't good. Also, even with acetone there was still a bit of residue left on them. I was apprehensive about putting more acetone on them as I didn't want to dry the nail bed out even more. The strength of my nails was still the same though.

Nails - one day after shellac removal. As you can see - a little dry!

Shellac again? I think yes, I would shellac again but I'd probably prefer it on my toes rather than my fingers and I'd only get it done if I could afford to get it removed professionally. I'm not a huge fan of having to use really harsh chemicals to remove anything, I usually use an acetone free nail varnish remover anyway. Aside from that, I get kind of bored of my nails after a week and want a change of colour. Knowing you have to go through the whole acetone and foil rigmarole wasn't really worth it in my eyes. I think from now on I'll most probably just stick to my old reliable OPI!

By the time this post is up my nails will be back to their usual Pink Friday/Mod About You shade of pink! *breathes a sigh of relief*

Claire x

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