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Thursday, 4 September 2014

The Summer Wishlist

Now that it's spring, my summer wishlist is growing. New products, clothes and the "payday" list of things never seems to get any smaller. These are a few things on what I call the ~high priority~ section right down to if-I-ever-get-the-money/maybe-someone-will-get-it-for-me-for-Christmas *deep breath* kind of purchases.

Nars Laguna BronzerEssentially I want to see what the hype is about. That and my current bronzer has hit pan and if you read frequently you'll know I've never encountered anything from Nars I didn't love. 

Triangl Bikini - Black Neon Orange Burst
I bloody love the look of these bikinis and the prospect of something sturdy that can withstand west coast beach waves is impressive. Neoprene is tough stuff and LOOK AT THE COLOUR. 

Havaianas - Black with Gold
These aren't the exact ones I want but they're pretty close. I've never had Havaianas before and seeing as jandals are acceptable footwear at work and I always have my nails done to show off, why not? 

Frank - Coconut and the Cacao variety
I bloody love this stuff. I've just about finished my original Frank and I'm ready to try these ones too. They may or may not have already been purchased/on their way to my mailbox...ahem.

Kevin Murphy Hair Resort
I'm feeling the beachy waves idea with my slightly shorter hair, I love the current products I use from Kevin Murphy so this one is another on the list. Aside from that they're pretty natural, smell nice and are cruelty free.
Ray Bans - Clubmasters
I'm practically frothing to get my hands on these - they're the perfect counterpart to my Ray Bans Aviators, they're comfortable and amazingly actually suit my face shape too.
Hello Hair - Hair Mask
I love the beach and the sun, I even love how much lighter my hair gets but I don't like when it starts to feel dry. This treatment sounds amazing and I'm all for more natural alternatives to every-day kinds of products. 
Urban Decay - Naked 3 Palette
I know I'm super late to the party with this one but a) I live in New Zealand, shit isn't easy to get here and b) I don't like to commit to makeup unless I'm pretty sure I'm going to love it. These cool toned pinks and taupes have been calling me name however and I think I'm going to need to order one as soon as dip-brow is available in taupe on Beautybay again. 
Viktor and Rolf - Bon Bon
Urrghhh it smells so good. Sweet without being too "girly" and of course it comes in a beautiful Viktor and Rolf bottle - I always think their packaging is stunning. I'm a huge fan of more vanilla based fragrances but am very picky with them. This one is just gorgeous and actually sits nicely on my skin without ending up smelling "chemically" (does anyone else get what I mean by that...?)

Those are the main things gracing my pay-week list - no doubt some will be getting purchased and sent me way. I'll let you know how they all live up to expectation. As for the others...I shall have to keep my fingers crossed. 

Claire x


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