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Thursday, 18 September 2014

All About That Bas(e) pt. 2 - Tools

So this is part two in my "All About That Base" little series. I may make a third about skincare/how to get your skin looking and feeling good for BEFORE makeup as well. These are the tools I like to use to help me get as good a base as possible whilst also looking natural and nicely blended out.

L-R Small Tapered Face Brush, Angled Top Blush Brush. T-B Blush Brush, Flat Top Face Brush, Eyeshadow Brush

xoBeauty Flat Top Face Brush + Foundation
I love this brush for buffing in foundation, it doesn't leave you looking streaky and the bristles are beautifully soft. I find liquid foundation (for me anyway) seems to apply best when I do a bit of blending with my fingers to spread the product then buff in for a perfect finish with one of these. You don't use as much product and get a better final look. 

Real Techniques Eyeshadow Brush + Concealer
I've bought a few Real Techniques brushes in the last year but this has been the only one to really stand out to me. It has very densely packed bristles that really work the product into your under-eye area without leaving marks or dragging the skin. 

xoBeauty Small Tapered Face Brush/Angled Top Blush Brush + Bronzer/Contour
As you can probably tell by now, I kind of use brushes for whatever the hell I think they'll be best for and these two work splendidly for contouring. I use the angled top to get a general bit of dimension going so I don't look so flat, this brush really disperses product nicely rather than packing it on too heavily to one area of the face. The tapered face brush is great for then doing some more specific work under the cheekbones with my taupe coloured blush. 

ecoTools Blush Brush
I actually use this one for what it was designed for. It's nice and fluffy, doesn't put too much product on and is about the right size - I find some brushes are a bit too small and specific but with blush I like a general wash of colour up/across my cheekbones. 

You can find the ecoTools and Real Techniques Brushes on FeelUnique and the xoBeauty brushes (which might I add, are my favourite brand) from xoBeauty Shop

Claire x

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