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Tuesday, 9 September 2014

First Impressions: Anastasia Beverly Hills Dip-brow

Again, super late to the party but purely because of the whole New-Zealand-gets-everything-after-everyone-else. This still isn't actually stocked in any stores here so I bought it on Beautybay.

I'd been super keen to try this as with summer creeping up I'm all for anything that says it's water/sweat proof as where I work/my office can get pretty damn hot. That, and when I go to the gym I like to know by brow isn't going to slide off my face. 

First impressions of this one is immediate love - I'd heard a lot of people saying you only need the tiniest bit and you really do. This little glass jar will last me a lifetime at this rate. I apply it with an angle top brow brush from Eco-Tools. 

The colour pay off is amazing, it's quite a waxy texture and is very easy to apply and blend but once it's set, it really stays there. I've worn it through 9 hours at the office, the gym and then got home for it to still be in perfect condition. I got it in the shade Blonde, I sort of wish there was an even lighter shade but generally speaking I do like dark brows. If you're a very warm toned blonde you may want to go for the auburn instead - this colour is fairly cool toned, I have a white/gold cast to my hair but again still fairly "cool". 

As for swatches here I have it in natural light then a more shaded area. 

Natural light - Dip-brow in Blonde

Natural/Artificial Light - Blonde

Finally I have a few images to show you what it looks like after about 10 hours wear. Again in both natural and artificial light - the natural light one is a little dark because we're just coming out of winter. 

 Artificial light - 10 hrs wear. Dip-brow - Blonde
Natural light - 10 hrs wear. Dip-brow - Blonde

Personally I always like to read plenty of reviews on a product before I purchase it, so even though this has been around a while hopefully it'll be of some help. All in all, the verdict is I 100% recommend this product. For $22 New Zealand and free shipping for a product that will have a lot of use it it's definitely worth a try. The descriptions for each colour on the website and on Beautybay I believe are very accurate as well - you'll almost certainly see this in my September monthly favourites. 

Claire x

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  1. I'm 100% convinced that I need this now!

    -Celine xo


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