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Sunday, 30 November 2014

Weekend Post: Read, Eat, Listen, Do

I've been thinking about making a little series like this for a while - something I can use to keep you guys up to date with the non-beauty related stuff I'm into as well. I'll probably do it during weekend where I don't have anything outstandingly exciting to show you and maybe the odd one during the week (amongst beauty posts...).

Anyway, lets carry on!

READ. Jack Reacher - mum lent me this because I hadn't read any of the series and am one of those people who re-read the same series over and over. I've got about a hundred pages in so far and am really enjoying it - it's nice to read something a bit more real-life and gritty.

EAT. I have been eating one metric tonne of avocados weekly seeing as they're so cheap - 4 for 3 dollars at the supermarket don't mind if I do. I love having them on toast every morning with some Marmite and chilli jam. Delicious. I've had it for lunch as well as breakfast today too. Oops. As well as this I've been taking lozenge pro-biotics especially for throat/respiratory immunity as there's a lot of bugs going around at this time of year and I really can't afford to get sick. So far I've managed to stave off the bug that's hit a few people in the office.

LISTEN. Now that I have finally managed to get music sorted on my phone (man I just love this phone) I've added a whole lot of new stuff. At the moment I'm listening to Flawless on repeat (I'm late to the party I know - bear with me). The sound quality on my S4 is amazing - totally obsessed.

DO. Planning some very exciting things for next year which I will talk about closer to the time. In terms of a more superficial level I've been painting my nails orange for summer - I can't get enough of this colour (Hot and Spicy by OPI - was mentioned on a monthly favourite post here). As well as that I've been fake tanning - my legs are about ready to be exposed to the oncoming Kiwi summer. My hands below are a typical example of how bad I am at tanning fingers. Don't you just love my new Meadowlark ring though? I bought it for myself as an early Christmas present for one year at my first full time job. Very surreal how different everything is now compared to a year ago.

Hope this new series is of some interest - should be more exciting than describing my quiet weekend in the least! Back on Wednesday as per usual for a new beauty post. Until then.

Claire x


  1. i've been reading a lot more lately so i'll definitely have to check that one out!

    xx fameliquorlove // instagram // youtube

    1. Enjoying it to far - Stephanie Plum novels are similar but with a few more laughs!

  2. I'm usually quite late to the party with certain albums and songs as well (you can't always keep up with everything!) And this post made me want to go make an avocado sandwich, seriously... yum! :)

    1. Oh gosh me too - it's so embarrassing when I suddenly get a reference everyone has been making and I'm like "ah that's where that's from..." Avocado is amazing, I'm struggling to eat them as they ripen haha


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