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Thursday, 21 August 2014

The Night In

Every now and then (usually once a week...) I like to have a "night in" where I make myself feel all nice and fresh and put some extra effort into my skin and hair.

I thought I'd share some of my favourite products/methods that I use when I actually do this.

For a start, I take all my makeup off, using my usual cleansing products from my evening skincare routine. Following this, I warm up my skin with a face cloth to open my pores and remove any remaining cleanser left. Then I apply a face mask - I've really been liking the Trilogy Mineral Radiance facemask, I got a sample of it with a purchase from Healthpost and it's lasted really well. It's hydrating, cleansing but not too harsh. It's suitable regardless of what your skin is up to really. If you want to see more have a look at the description Trilogy has here. If you know me at all you know I love Trilogy (the packing alone is beautiful - something much nicer about the texture and weight of glass rather than plastic).

I leave this on for at least ten minutes - this mask takes a long time to dry which gives you more time to relax, watch youtube videos or read a magazine like I like to do.

Following this, I jump into the shower. I usually leave my face mask on for a bit after this - I like the steam to warm my skin up again before I rinse the mask and always think heat benefits any mask you're using. While Trilogy works its magic I wash my hair - I alternate between a purple shampoo to maintain my sun lightened hair over winter and this lovely SLS free one from Kevin Murphy. It smells like jasmine flowers, cleanses your hair rather than stripping it and is very gentle on your scalp (and hands if you get dermatitis like me).

I rinse off my mask and shampoo then go in for a hydrating conditioner - I use this product every time I condition but once a week I like to leave it on for extra time. I've been using the L'Oreal Absolut Repair for some time now and although I'm not really a big fan of L'Oreal I must say this is something they really got right. It makes your hair very shiny and tangle free. I slather a finger-tip full on my hair from ear-length down focusing mainly on the ends as they're most prone to damage.

Next, I turn the water down to pretty much a dribble and bring Frank to the party. I've made a few posts mentioning Frank already you can read the most recent here. I scrub my legs, bum and back to combat cellulite and dermatitis. I try and stay out of the water while Frank and my conditioner work to get the best possible results. In winter this can be a little cold but I think the end effect is worth it even if you only leave it for a minute or two.

Once I'm too cold to bear it anymore I turn the water back up and rinse off my conditioner and Frank. This is the perfect time to shave legs as Frank leaves a nice residue on your skin that means you don't need any soap or shaving lotion.

After I finally turn the shower off I pat my skin dry and apply a body lotion on my legs, although Frank is pretty hydrating my skin can get quite dry in certain places so I like to use Karma Kream from Lush as a top up. The orange smell of this lotion along with the coffee and orange of Frank is a lovely combination.

Next, my face gets slathered with several drops of rosehip and my night cream. Once that's settled I put some Sebamed on any pesky spots that have popped up, this gel works wonders at getting rid of redness and also seems to prevent spots from scarring so much too.

Best time to do this is when you've got freshly washed sheets - nothing like having freshly washed hair, smooth legs and clean sheets at the end of a long week.

Claire x

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