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Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Morning Skin Care Routine

My morning routine is pretty simple but it includes a few products not a lot of people seem to be using. I'm trying not to incorporate more "natural" products when I can whilst also making sure I have some SPF too. I think this is especially important in the New Zealand sun!

To start with, I use a cream based cleanser - Lush 9 to 5 is my go to as it removes anything your skin has purged in your sleep but doesn't leave a greasy finish. I use a ten cent coin sized amount and smooth it all over my face and then wipe off with a hot face cloth. It's a very reasonably priced product - around the $20 dollar mark in New Zealand and lasts such a long time. It's also vegan for those of you so inclined! 

The next step is my moisturiser. I use Trilogy Line Smoothing Day cream - yes it's sort of anti-aging but the main thing in it to make it such is hyaluronic acid which helps your skin absorb up to ten times the amount of water it normally would - filling in the fine lines around your mouth/forehead etc. Aside from this it's not sticky, smells beautiful and  goes on a dream. I smooth it all over my face and neck.

After this I usually go have breakfast, then come back and start my makeup. Strictly the final product in my morning routine is my tinted moisturiser but I listed it because it has an SPF in it, which is important year round but particularly in summer. Again, this get mushed all over my face and neck to protect it. Less sun damage means less wrinkles and discolouration in the long run so a well worth it step!


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