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Sunday, 3 August 2014

NARS must haves

It's only been this year that I have fallen in love with the all amazing NARS (mostly because this is the first year I've had the income for it...) so I thought I'd make a master list of all the products I feel are absolute makeup wonders.

Nars Sheer Glow Foundation
This is the first foundation I've honestly been truly satisfied with, now I can't imagine using anything else. The consistency is smooth, and goes on like a moisturiser more than anything else. I blend it on with my fingers then buff in with a flat top foundation brush like the xobeauty flat top for a super flawless finish. It dries in no time to a semi-matte finish, I'd say it's not terribly "glowy" but looks and feels like skin, which is more than can be said for a lot of foundations that often leave me feeling a bit sticky and cake-faced. It's a medium coverage which I like - in my mind if I'm wearing a foundation I like it to be medium - full, if I wanted light I'd use a tinted moisturiser. Which brings me to my next NARS love.

Nars Radiant Tinted Moisturiser
This is the first tinted moisturiser/SPF I've ever actually liked, well, loved. It's got the finish you'd expect from the sheer glow foundation. It's not quite light coverage, but not heavy enough to me as full as the foundation counterpart. For everyday wear, it's just right. It feels light, lasts all day and doesn't feel greasy or thick which a lot of SPF creams tend to feel.
Disclaimer: although it's SPF 30 in Europe/the US it's not rated high enough for Aus/NZ ladies. However, for me, it's better than the SPF I was wearing before - which was nothing eeek.

Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer
This baby is the perfect partner to the tinted moisturiser for those days you need just that little extra coverage. It's amazingly long lasting, covers blemishes and dark circles beautifully and most importantly, it doesn't crease. The only wear I see from my makeup is after it's been on for 9+ hours and been through a tough session at the gym. I use colour medium1 in custard.

Nars - The Multiple
This little wonder will be my best friend when I'm travelling next year. I have it in the shade Anguilla which is a lovely shade for both cheeks and lips. It's a matte finish and blends like a dream. Getting two products/uses from one = enough said.

Nars Lip Pencils
I found my dream pink lip colour in Nars satin lip pencils. Her name is Stourhead and she's a beautiful lilac/pale pink colour. She's also limited edition (wahh, considering stocking up...). I love the satin finish as sometimes matte can be a little drying. This is creamy, long wearing (especially for a creamy consistency) and has great colour payoff.

I'm sure more will be added to my Nars collection in the coming months - I have my eye on the illuminator and primer already...


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