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Sunday, 24 August 2014

The Weekend Post

Weekends just seem to fly by this year - though this weekend seems to have brought on the start of spring. Amazingly I managed to wear my new Monki shorts on Sunday.

I clean forgot to take my camera to my boyfriend's place on Saturday but all we really did was play GTA 5 and watch the All Blacks at night.

Sunday is always my "productive" day so much like every other Sunday I did my boring adult things like laundry, vacuuming and cleaning.

Once that was over it was time to do my more relaxing bits i.e. watch youtube videos, read blogs and gardening.

 "Action shots" of my chai tea making process - if you live in New Zealand, England or Australia I highly recommend T2 chai tea. (If you are in England to my knowledge the only store is in Shoreditch) I like to add extra cinnamon (which is in the little green tin). Once I'd made this I settled in to watch some vlogs and get ideas for new posts.

After that, I had to enjoy the sun. We haven't had a day in New Zealand that's been both warm AND sunny in some time. Also my seeds from last weekend are now growing into plants so were in dire need of moving to a larger pot.

 My kale are coming along nicely and the flowers are only just starting to peek through the soil but fingers crossed once spring is properly here I'll have some plants to put in the ground.

Seeing as it is such a sunny day naturally I needed to break in my new shorts as mentioned. Shocking at taking photos of myself so I had to rope mum into it.

 Tinted moisturiser with SPF (Nars Radiant Tinted moisturiser as always *ahem*) and Gimme Brow make for my "no makeup" makeup look. Tied back hair and my standard jewellery - Michael Kors watch, Meadowlark earrings and Pandora rings. Merino jersey is from Country Road and my high waisted shorts were from ASOS.

Shorts - Monki Tailored Shorts
Earrings - Meadowlark Facet Studs

I've also finally broken out the more "summery" nail colours. The photos above didn't really do the colour justice but the colour is Hot and Spicy by OPI.

Fingers crossed I may have a more exciting post for next weekend - it is pay week next week after all!

Claire x

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