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Friday, 8 August 2014

Evening Skincare Routine

My night-time skin care routine is naturally very important to me as in my mind it's what maintains the integrity of my skin (when it's behaving itself...). I always love reading about new products from people with similar skin types to me so for the record: I have normal/combination skin i.e. slightly oily t-zone and normal cheeks. I'm a quite prone to annoying hormonal breakouts on my chin and sometimes forehead too. 

OK, so from left to right (the order in which I would use these...) we have: 

Ultrabland from Lush, it's an oil based cleanser. It's VERY waxy and thick and is quite intimidating at first, I'd never have touched it for the life of me before I worked at Lush but after my manager shows me how to use it/how amazing it is for the skin I've been a convert. I think this is about my...6th tub? It lasts about 6 months daily use for me which, for the price, I think is really good value. I use about a pea and a half sized amount (pea and a half, is that a thing? I think it should be a standard unit of measurement) all over my face/down my neck where I've blended any makeup. You can use this one on your eye area too - I've yet to find any makeup that can withstand the power of this cleanser. The best part is it's amazingly gentle and very balancing for all skin types. 

The next product in the line up I use in tandem with my Ultrabland is Eau Roma Water toner. To remove Ultrabland you either need a nice hot face cloth or, what I prefer a couple of cotton pads and this lovely toner. I spritz it all over my face, everywhere the cleanser is (including the eye area...) and wipe it off. The oils in the cleanser break down makeup, the toner lifts the cleanser and in turns you get all that makeup off ya doll face. 

As I'm pedantic about cleansing I "double cleanse" I always remove my makeup before the shower, then use my next cleanser (yes it's another Lush one...) 9 to 5. This one again is an oil based cleanser and helps remove the absolutely last traces of makeup/leave you with clean fresh skin. I put a blob on my fingertips then massage into my face. Once in the shower after the steam has warmed your skin up a bit, wipe it all off with a hot face cloth.

Post-shower I get out but don't dry my face entirely. I sort of let it "air dry" a bit then apply my holy grail Trilogy Rosehip Oil Antioxidant+ urgggh what would I do without this stuff. It absorbs best when your skin is a little damp (how I don't know as oil and water don't mix but trust me on this one...). I use 3 - 4 drops on my face and neck every night. This product counteracts sun damage with its antioxidants and reduces redness (read: acne scarring) beautifully. It also hydrates without being "heavy" and my skin seems to slurp it all up come the morning so I'm left with perfectly "normal" feeling skin that's very hydrated, smooth and NOT RED.

The final step is this beautifully scented moisturiser, the Trilogy Replenishing Night Cream. Like all Trilogy products, it smells lovely without being "fragranced" if you know what I mean? It's not too much - it's just right. That aside, this night cream is from the same range as the Line Smoothing Day Cream from my day time routine. Like the day cream, it has hyaluronic acid in it which means your skin can take on up to 10 times the amount of moisture it normally would. It's not too heavy but leaves your skin smooth, firm and sort of "new" feeling somehow.

My skincare changes seasonally but only slightly - I'll probably re-do these come summer to see what I'm using then!

Where to purchase these products:

Lush is worldwide, and can be ordered online, to find your online store here.
Trilogy can be bought from several websites, I buy mine from Healthpost but you can also get it directly from the Trilogy website or if you're further afield than New Zealand you can get it from Feelunique.

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