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Sunday, 17 August 2014

The Weekend Post: A Girl Can Never Have Too Many Levis...

Had a lovely relaxing weekend this weekend with a pleasant balance of spending money and being outside. On Saturday mum and I went into Newmarket for some shopping - it's one of my favourite places in Auckland, good shops, my favourite tapas bar and a nice atmosphere.

I didn't actually intend to buy any jeans but mum needed some new ones and of course if you find a pair that fits perfectly then how can you say no? I've been wearing my current pair of Levis jeggings to death, so bought a pair of high waisted vibrant blue legging jeans and another pair of indigo low rise leggings. My ASOS order also arrived with my kimono (will do an outfit post with that sometime - doesn't do it justice otherwise) and Monki shorts.

And of course I bought the thing I actually meant to buy in Newmarket which was the NARS oil free primer. I'll give it a whirl for a few weeks and see how I like it. I've never used primer before but with summer coming on I'd quite like my makeup to be able to last the whole day at work.

Today being Sunday I had a sleep in, did some cleaning and laundry and finally got around to planting my seeds. I bought lemon bergamot, echinacea and kale (the red russian variety). The latter for putting in smoothies.

I re-used some old Lush pots I had lying around - they're little and shallow so I thought they'd be perfect for having a few little seeds on the go.

I decided those probably wouldn't be enough and planted some more in a larger container - not quite sure where I'll put all these little plants once they germinate but I have a few weeks before that becomes an issue...!

I've got three little lines growing - I bought the echinacea and bergamot mainly for the reason that the bees love them. They also have very cute little flowers and of course the bergamot is quite nicely fragranced too!

To tell them apart once they've sprouted I got some sticks from the garden and whittled the outer layer of bark off and wrote the plant varieties on them so I could label my seeds too.

Once I'd finished with all that I headed back inside - the weather is packing in again (lovely climate in August for us in New Zealand...) and took my fortnightly block of chocolate to the office to write this post up. (I buy a block every pay day...sometimes more frequently whoops).

Next weekend I'll be back out to Newmarket with mum for a makeup consultation and then to Jack's place for the rugby game. Hopefully it goes better than the match last night...

Claire x

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