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Thursday, 31 July 2014

Just in...

...Frank Body scrub. 

I love getting things in the post and was so excited to get my little brown paper bag with an apricot coloured Frank label this morning. Isn't he and his packaging lovely?! This is the first "proper" post from me, I'll be aiming for a new blog post every Thursday and Sunday - this weekend I'll be writing my little hands off so I have plenty up my sleeve in case I get busy. Without further ado here is my first "first impression" on my new blog. (Eeek, excited).

I've just tried Frank for the first time, he promises to smooth skin, help eczema, acne and cellulite. Given that it's very reasonably priced, vegan and preservative free I was more than keen to give it a try. Aside from that I'm currently breaking out like mad and am willing to try anything once for the sake of my skin (acne in your 20s...arghh). I bought it on Friday afternoon and he's made it to my letterbox in just under a week. (Yes I did just refer to Frank as a he - more on that next...)

The marketing Frank uses is a part of the draw for me - I can't even begin to explain how so I'll let you see for yourself here. I'm actually slightly in love with this product/marketing already.

To use him you just need to wet your skin, use a few little handfuls of Frank and rub all over. A little really does go a long way - something I was surprised at as typically sugar/salt based scrubs I've used before I've found don't seem to cover a lot and often dissolve very easily, not the case with Frank. I focussed on the bits that needed most attention - i.e. my legs, elbows, back and buns of steel (ho ho). It's recommended you leave it on for a few minutes 5 - 10 ideally but given it's the middle of winter I only managed about 4 before I turned the shower back on (big cold wuss). The novelty of smelling like coffee and oranges as well as actually looking quite brown (albeit covered with coffee grounds...) was also quite enjoyable...!

I was skeptical about how amazing it could really be, I'd heard rave reviews of it making your skin feel like silk after just one use. I can tell you for sure - it's true. My skin hasn't felt so smooth in...well I can't remember how long. You're also lightly moisturised without feeling oily or greasy. I even patted/rubbed the excess on my face and my skin all over felt amazing. I put my usual rosehip oil on my face straight after and my skin slurped it right up.

The plusses of Frank I noticed initially are it's super scrubby (which I love), not drying or too abrasive - the grains are small enough to buff rather than scratch or scrape your skin. It leaves your skin moisturised without being oily and smells delightful (I got the original Frank for those interested). I can't wait to use it again. I'll do a follow up post in a few weeks when I've had time to use it some more!

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