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Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Nip+Fab Dragons Blood Skin Care

nip+fab, nib fab dragons blood fix

It takes a lot for me to change my skincare routine, I'll be the first to admit. I read about the Nip+Fab brand for the first time on Victoria's blog In The Frow, I was rather intrigued. Naturally I did stupid amounts of research into the products and decided on the Dragons Blood Fix trio of products.

Initially I bought them for my flight to London (*insert heavy breathing cat meme here*) because the products are small (under that important 100mL capacity) and sounded great for travelling with. The Dragons Blood range is designed to be lightweight but super hydrating due to the hyaluronic acid content (you know how I love my hyaluronic acid). The serum and face pads in particular appealed as being able to wash my face without water in transit and hydrate with a serum sounded perfect.

In short they'll definitely be in my cabin bag with me (a post with full what's-in-my-cabin-bag coming soon) but I'll give you a run down on what each product is like more specifically too. I bought the kit of all three Dragons Blood products from ASOS.

The cleansing pads are really great - unlike conventional face wipes I've tried these don't burn or dry out your skin. You feel very clean but with nourished and soft skin - definitely a winner for removing makeup say before the gym. And yes they're totally fine to use around your eye area too.

The serum is probably my favourite of the three - very hydrating and smoothing without being greasy at all. I love using it in the morning under my daily sunscreen, it's the perfect base for makeup to sit on and I've found everything sits in place a lot better when I've used this too. Lately I've noticed my skin has been less oily during the day too - I can only put that down to this serum seeing as nothing else in my skincare has changed.

The mask is like a more intense version again from the serum, I like to use it the "extreme" way (because I'm hardcore with my skincare ya know) by putting a thin layer on just before bed then washing off in the morning. It leaves your skin plumped and my fine lines are all gone (I'm only 23 but yes I still see those little crinkly bastards).

I've also noticed my skin seems to be breaking out less lately as well - blemishes don't look as red or angry and none of these products sting or irritate skin that's breaking out - major plus for those with sensitive but blemish prone skin.

Suffice to say I can't wait to try more from this brand, next on my list is the Glycolic Fix range (if you read my recent wishlist you'll know the ones I mean). Boots Advantage Card here I come.

Have you tried anything from Nip+Fab?

Claire x

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