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Wednesday, 27 May 2015

What's In My Cabin Bag

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I'd been planning my in-flight skin care for weeks, can you tell I was quite excited? I'd not been on a long haul flight in five years now and the last time I came out looking and feeling rather haggard. Keen to counteract that this time and keep my immune system up to scratch I've picked products that can easily be used on the go, will keep my skin hydrated, clean and some tablets for immunity to keep those airplane bugs at bay. Although I can unfortunately say I definitely am suffering a cabin cold my skin is doing just fine. Every plane and stop over needs it's entertainment and some bits to make you feel a bit more fresh (and human for that matter).

For on the Plane
I mentioned the Nip+Fab products recently in this post and have been using them religiously ever since. The pads are a great, quick way to cleanse and hydrate while the serum creates a barrier between your skin and the air.

For the Stopover
I find washing my face and brushing my teeth make me feel more like myself after a long haul flight. My much loved 9 to 5, Very Gentle moisturiser and Kiwi Seed Eye Cream are always lovely at a quick pick me up.

Other Bits
As mentioned I do love being able to brush my teeth during transit - I loved having Lush toothy tabs as I didn't need another heavy tube (adding more liquid to my already full ziploc bag). Chewing gum is great for after meals if you want to freshen up but don't want to use the airplane bathrooms (which I really didn't). A book is always necessary anyway but especially on a trip this long, I'd been saving Gone Girl for weeks and am loving it. Finally I recommend some hand sanitiser to keep hands fresh after meals, touching all those baggage trolleys and doors.

I'll have some more London related posts soon I hope - currently in the grips of a horrible cold caught on the flight but expect to hear more soon.

Claire x


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    1. Fat fingers pressed remove instead of reply 😧
      I highly recommend them for travel - they're really whitening too! x


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