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Saturday, 13 June 2015

Paris Photo Diary

Due to a bit of a hiccup with my visa I had to leave the country and come back into the UK to activate it. Which meant a trip to Paris was on the cards (what a pity). Aside from the language barrier it was a pretty relaxing trip, I went on the Eurostar, if you're going to go I highly recommend train over plane, much more space and far more comfortable.

Like the dick head I am I left my book behind (thanks to Book Depository I have another one on the way) but other than that the trip went without a hitch. The weather was gorgeous and the food was outstanding. On my full day there I got two pain au chocolat  (which I'd been looking forward to with much anticipation) and a filled baguette for €5.75.

Le robinet d'or

Canal st-martin

Canal st-martin

One of the places I really wanted to see was Huygens, I'd seen some Youtubers and bloggers go there with Birch Box a few months ago and the products looked gorgeous. It's a natural skin care brand all made in France, the shop smelled amazing and the staff there were lovely. I'll post more on what I bought in a separate post.

Canal st-martin

Gare du nord

This was a little rose garden in the middle of Paris I found, I stopped for a break from walking and lunch here. I walked through the city rather than catching the Metro, seeing as it won't be the only time I go to Paris I didn't go to all the big attractions. I'll save them for another day when it's not so frantic over summer.

Gare du nord

Gare du nord

As  much as I enjoyed Paris I was happy to be back in London. More Paris and travel posts to come soon.

Claire x

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