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Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Focus On: Coconut

Coconut is a bit of a buzz in the beauty community lately - and with good reason. I thought I'd start this little series - now and again I'll choose a set of products I love based on a key ingredient - I always like to know different properties and benefits of ingredients and as I buy pretty natural it's a good way to find new products you might like. Anyway - on with the coconut edition!

Daddy-O shampoo by Lush. I've mentioned this lovely shampoo before in my hair care post. The coconut in it is lovely and hydrating without weighing my hair down, aside from that it adds a beautiful if not delicate fragrance to the shampoo. Coconut oil is great for your hair due to its lauric acid content - your hair is naturally acidic so treatments with coconut in them help counteract the drying effect sulfates in shampoo can have (personally I use half/half - one SLS free shampoo and one with, I don't find it harsh at all).

Coconut Oil - cold-pressed and extra virgin. Which brings me to my next item - of course I have to include coconut oil itself. It's fantastic for your skin, as mentioned the lauric acid content is very high in the cold-pressed version and makes a wonderful hair mask or an oil to be added to a bath. It's lovely for your face to remove makeup at a pinch, is great on sensitive or sun burned skin. Aside from all that it's also slightly anti-bacterial so it's a win-win-win really. What's not to love?

Frank - Coconut. Having got through a packet of all three Frank varieties now I can say this one is by far my favourite. Definitely the most gentle, the coconut (and grapeseed) oils are so hydrating and gentle whilst also being scrubby and refreshing. I love to use this one before tan, to remove old tan and to help clear up spotty skin - I just pat it all over my face like a face mask and leave to soak while I was my hair then rinse off the coffee and coconut and my skin is always less red, smoother and absorbs serums and moisturisers better. It's a dream in a brown paper bag.

Hurraw - Coconut. I love the night treatment Hurraw balm but the coconut really takes the cake - if for no other reason that it smells like a coconut lovers dream. It glides across chapped lips like you wouldn't believe and lasts a long time on the skin too. Aside from that it's all natural, cruelty free and vegan. Need I say more?

Any coconut based products you love? I'm always keen to try more with this beautiful ingredient.

Claire x


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