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Sunday, 7 December 2014

Weekend Post: Work Christmas Party and Shopping

November was an unbelievable month - I'm quite relived it's over and we're onto the last month  of 2014. To kick it off we had the sales team meeting at work and the Christmas party. As I'm a part of the sales team it was a pretty full on week this week! Below is what I wore - absolutely kicking myself for not including the shoes I wore which were my Jeffrey Campbell Litas - I've posted them on instagram before and I'm sure everyone knows what they look like. 

Also snaps for me for actually smiling in a photo for once. My makeup was pretty simple really - my base was everything from my dewy skin post earlier this week paired with a Lime Crime Red Velvet Velvetine. I also wore xobeauty lashes - the style I chose was the Romantic. 

It was such a fun night - we had a group of drag queens come in and do a cabaret show. Everyone absolutely loved it. If you want to see more of what was there have a look at my instagram - linked in the sidebar. 

Due to being a 76 year old woman on the inside/I take as long to recover as one would I needed a decent sleep in on Saturday to make up for an exhausting Friday. Dad and I went into the city for a few things and naturally because we were in Newmarket we couldn't go past Tasca for lunch - I had my new usual which is the tapas plate below. Absolutely delicious and always up to a very high standard. If you're in Auckland I highly recommend going there for a meal.

The rest of the weekend has been pretty quiet and I've just spent it planning posts for next week, pottering in the garden a bit and painting my nails unsuccessfully twice - I just bought some new colours and have decided neither of them suit me *sighing emoji here*

Sugar-snap peas from the garden

Nails that are far too girly for me to handle. 
My mum finally gets back from Europe tomorrow too - much house cleaning has gone on this afternoon. I've done a spot of online shopping for Christmas and a bit in real life shops too (amazing). Can't believe it's only three more weeks until Christmas - eeek. I'm more concerned about the fact that I don't have plans for new years yet. I'm such an old woman.

Claire x

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